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Toliver visiting but committed

DALLAS, Texas -- Jacksonville (Fla.) Trinity Christian five-star cornerback Kevin Toliver II has been busy traveling and on Friday he arrived ready for work at Deion Sanders' Prime 21 Camp.
The event features several top prospects such as Toliver working alongside Sanders and several top NFL standouts. Gathering football instruction, working against top completion, and learning from guys who have been or are at the top of the football ladder.
Toliver is looking forward to many aspects of the camp.
"Just competing, just getting better, and prove to everybody why I'm no. 1," Toliver said.
However, there is one guy Toliver is looking forward to learning from more than the others.
"No. 1 Patrick Peterson, he's going to be there," Toliver said. "I really want to follow in his footsteps in general with football. I just see how hard he works on the field and off the field really. I'm going to try and keep in contact with him."
Peterson and Toliver have a few similarities. Peterson was a five-star recruiting himself coming out of high school, he was from Florida, and he spent his college days Baton Rouge.
"We're really on the same path so far coming from Florida and going to Baton Rouge," Toliver said. "We'll just see where it all goes."
Toliver committed to the LSU Tigers as a sophomore in 2012, and he has remained committed ever since. Other schools have continued to pursue, and he does plan to take official visits to Ohio State, UCLA, Virginia Tech, and Auburn in addition to LSU in the fall. However, he maintains he is committed to the Tigers.
"I'm still committed to LSU," Toliver said. "I don't think really anything is going to change at this point if nothing's changed already. I'm just working hard and working on my technique and trying to get ready for the next level."
For Toliver the next level is not just LSU or college football, and there's a few reasons why LSU is his choice.
"Just getting ready for the next level, for the league," Toliver said. "I think that's the best school for me that can help me get there with their history, the DBU, and the amount of DBs they put out each year."