Todman reschedules Purdue visit

Running back Jordan Todman had been anticipating an official visit to Purdue scheduled for last weekend but things did not materialize. Todman still wants to visit the school and already has another date picked out. What other schools is he considering?
The 5-foot-10, 165-pound athlete from Dartmouth, Massachusetts makes up for his lack of size with good speed and agility. The Boilermakers have offered Todman, and he's anxious to get a closer look at their program.
"It was just one of those things where the timing didn't work out," Todman said. "I would have loved to be there but I wouldn't have had as much time there as I would have liked to have. I think I'm going to be there for the Michigan State game on November 10, and that will be an official."

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Todman is also hoping at least two other schools will offer.
"I'd say the three I'm really looking at are Purdue, Boise State and Penn State," he said. "I don't have any favorites and I'll be open to any school that wants to offer me, but I really like those three. I'd like to visit Boise and Penn State."
Todman could play running back or corner at the next level and there doesn't seem to be a consensus as to what position he's best suited for. What does he like about each of those three programs?
"I really like the fact that Purdue is a good program in the Big Ten," he explained. "They want me to play running back, which is good. I feel like I can play cornerback, but running back comes easier to me. I think if I can get a redshirt year and put on some weight I'd fine at running back.
"Boise's offense is just unbelievable. Their play calling is amazing. They use their running back very effectively and they're constantly in bowl games. I'd like to play on that blue turf too," he laughed. "I think they might look at me for cornerback though. I would do it if it came to that.
"With Penn State is mostly just the history of the school and Joe Paterno. He's been there so many years and has done so well. I love the stadium, the field, the fans -- everything. Any high school football player would love to play in front of that many fans."
Todman said schools like Boise State and Penn State may be waiting to hear how he performed on the SAT recently. He will soon get his scores back and that could determine what his offer looks like a couple of weeks from now.