Time ticking for Tebow

When you're the highest-ranked uncommitted quarterback in he country, the attention can be a little but much at times. There can also be a bit of pressure to make your decision and February approaches. However, Jacksonville (Fla.) Nease quarterback Tim Tebow knows his decision date is approaching, but he's still taking his time to make the right decision.
"My decision date is still Dec. 14 and it will be on ESPN," said the 6-foot-3, 217-pounder. "I'll get all my visits done by then. This weekend I'm going to the Michigan-Ohio State game at Michigan."
Tebow took an unofficial visit to Alabama this past weekend to watch the Tide take on the LSU Tigers. Both teams are on his final five list.
"It was a great game and the crowd was great," he said. "I've now been to Alabama three times this year and I think you just go more times to check things out and just see more games and spend more time. But I've been to LSU and Florida twice this year, so it's not like I'm at every Alabama game."
Tebow took his official visit to Alabama on Oct. 21 and an official to LSU on Nov. 4. He heads to Michigan this weekend, Florida the following weekend and then finishes with Southern Cal on Dec. 3.
"I'm leaving for Michigan Saturday morning and getting back Monday morning," he said. "I don't really have any ties to Michigan, but it's a great program and they produce a lot of top quarterbacks. I'm looking forward to the trip."
When watching two teams he's considering like he did on his Alabama visit and this past weekend, Tebow pictures himself in the offense.
"You have to do that," he said. "It's just natural. You have to see how you'd fit and what you'd do in certain situations and play calls."
Did the LSU win help them or the Alabama loss hurt them?
"No, it doesn't help or hurt either," he said. "It was a great game and both teams were evenly matched."
How about the struggle of the Alabama offense or the loss by Florida to Steve Spurrier's South Carolina team?
"No, neither of those things bother me," he said. "You have to look at the potential of the offense more than anything and there's a great deal of potential there at Alabama. And I know what coach Meyer can do as a coach so I'm not concerned about a few losses."
So is there a leader between the two schools?
"Actually, I'm not looking at things that way until I'm done with all my visits," he said. "All five teams are close and I just want the best situation for me and where I feel comfortable."
The recent de-commitment of Jevan Snead from Florida to Texas has led many to believe that this pushes the Gators ahead. Is that true?
"That stuff doesn't matter to me at all," he said. "There's competiton everywhere and that's not a factor that bothers me."
Tebow led his team to a 63-20 victory this past Friday night in the first round of their playoffs. He was in on five plays.
"I was 3 of 4 with two touchdowns," he said. "It's a little frustrating not to play more when we win big, but it's great for the team because it allows our other quarterbacks to develop. Hopefully I'll have four more games because that will mean we won it all."