Tigers, Sooners wait on Big Herm

Denton, Texas, four-star offensive tackle Herman Johnson has been a man of mystery the past few weeks.
After visiting LSU back on January 16, Johnson – all 6-foot-8 and almost 400 pounds of him – disappeared and hasn’t done any interviews. That all changed, though, on Sunday.
Johnson’s coaches at Denton High had thought all along that Monday would be his day to make his decision and Johnson, ranked as the nation’s No. 3 offensive tackle, confirmed the story.

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“Yeah, I’m trying to get it done with tomorrow,” Johnson said. “I don’t have a final decision yet, but I think both my mom and I know where we want to go. We’re going to sit down tonight, talk things over and then go to school tomorrow.”
The plan, Johnson said, is to call the schools tomorrow some time during the day and let them know of the decision.
“I might also call the local newspaper and tell them,” Johnson said. “And I’m sure that I’ll find a way to let you guys know, too.”
Johnson has been torn between LSU and Oklahoma for the past two weeks and he said that the story remains the same. There were even reports that Johnson wore an Oklahoma jersey to school last week. So does that mean he’s leaning toward the Sooners?
“Not really,” Johnson said. “I just had it and was wearing it to wear it.”
But still Johnson didn’t shy away from the fact that he has a tough decision to make between the Tigers and the Sooners.
“I’ve been thinking about a lot of stuff,” Johnson said. “It’s really tough. I just gotta go do it and get it over with. I’ll be happy no matter what I do, but it’s tough coming up with the decision.”
Johnson met with OU assistant coaches on Monday of last week and he then met with LSU coaches on Thursday.