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Thursday's the day for Tremble

Chad Simmons

Who will Tommy Tremble commit to Thursday? Will it be Georgia, Michigan, Notre Dame or UCLA?

He has taken official visits to the three out of state schools and his father (Greg Tremble) played for the Bulldogs, so he knows all he can know about the in-state school.

The 6-foot-4, 225 pound tight end out of Norcross (Ga.) Wesleyan feels he is about ready to make the call.

"I have a good feeling and I think I pretty close to knowing which school it will be," said Tremble. "I still need to talk with my parents a little more, but I am very close.

"It is going to be hard because each of the schools have been very good to me and I feel I could go to any of these schools, but I think I may know where I want to go. I will know by Thursday for sure."

Tremble does not plan to sign during the early signing period (December 20-22) despite the commitment a week prior. He is planning to sign on February 7, 2018 with the school he commits to Thursday.

While it snowed in Atlanta, Tremble was in L.A. for his official visit to UCLA over the weekend. His got to see all of what the Bruins have to offer this time.

"I visited UCLA once over the summer with my mother, but I saw much more this time. I got the whole tour, I learned about the academics and the entire trip was a lot of fun.

"It was good to meet the new coaches and I got the whole experience this time. I really liked talking with coach Chip Kelly and learning more about who he has coached, how he coaches and things like that. He is just a cool coach.

"I hung out with some players and some other recruits and I saw they are people that I could see myself around. That is important in my decision too. I was just very comfortable there overall."

Trips to Ann Arbor and South Bend came before the one out West and the visit to Michigan was his only time on that campus. The

"I had a really good time when I was up at Michigan and the coaches have really shown a lot of interest in me. They use the tight ends a lot and that along with my relationship I have with the coaches there is why they are in my top four.

"The tight ends there have produced under coach Jim Harbaugh, so going there leads me to think that I would be productive and have a chance to make plays."

Like when at Michigan, the Notre Dame coaches broke tape down of how the Irish uses their tight ends. He likes that, but it is his connection with coach Chip Long that really makes Notre Dame stand out.

"I have been talking to coach Long a really long time and as soon as I hurt my ankle, he called me and made sure I knew that they still wanted me," said Tremble. "He has been really good to me and he has made me feel important to them. We have a strong relationship.

"I really like the environment there and I get along good with the players. I feel all the people there are genuine and I like that a lot about them."

With Georgia, Tremble grew up around the program with his father playing football there, so he knew about the Bulldogs before he ever became a football recruit. He has gotten to know Shane Beamer and the Bulldogs continue to be on his mind.

"I grew up a Georgia fan, my dad played there and I love the school, so I have always had Georgia high up there. I like coach Smart, I like coach Beamer and it is my home-state school that is playing in the playoffs this year.

"I just have a little special place for Georgia in my heart."

The final decision has not been made yet, but Tremble may have one school out in front in his mind. His parents have been right by his side this entire process and another talk or two with them with the Peach State tight end get ready for Thursday.

"I can't wait," said Tremble. "It will just come down to where I feel the most at home at and where I felt I connected the best with the players and the coaches at. That is where I will go.

"Academics are important too, so all those things will be part of my decision."