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Thurman recaps recent visits

Back in late March one of the top prospects in Delaware took a trip down to the University of Florida in an effort to find out what the Gators' football program was all about. That was just the start of a busy month.
Trip Thurman, a 6-foot-6, 302-pound offensive tackle from Dover, has visited several schools since then, and recently he added a couple of big offers to his already long offer list.
"I was offered by Florida last week on Wednesday," Thurman recalled.
"Based on what they had said to me when I was down there the last week of March, I thought they might offer. Their offensive line coach told me that if it was up to him he'd offer me then and there. Urban Meyer had to look at my film first. I thought (the offer) would come when I went down to camp this summer, but I got it on Wednesday.
"Florida is a great school. I know they have a great program down there. They've won national championships twice recently and they also have great academics down there, too. You get the best of both worlds."
Last week Thurman also picked up an offer from Clemson. He said he hasn't visited that school yet.
From the time Thurman visited Florida in late March until now he has been on the road a lot, visiting Maryland, Penn State, Tennessee and Boston College. He spoke about each one of those trips over the weekend.
"I had been to Maryland before and they're also a great school, plus they're close to home. I drove over there with my brother and my buddy during spring break and had a good time over there.
"It was my second time going to Penn State. I went to the Penn State-Ohio State game last year. As you know, Penn State has a great tradition with Joe Pa there and it's a good school. I know a couple of Delaware guys up there.
"Boston College also has great academics and good football. I liked it up there.
"Tennessee is a great school. I have a background with them. My mom graduated from Tennessee and my dad grew up in Knoxville, so I grew up liking them."
Thurman said he hasn't had much of a chance to speak with the new coaching staff at Tennessee, but that's something he will undoubtedly do at some point.
The talented junior said he will be camping at Florida this summer. He hopes to camp at a couple of other schools but hasn't set anything else up.
Thurman plans on making at least some of his official visits before he announces his decision later this year or next.