Three-stars decision looms near

Three-star offensive guard Silvarius Ajawara (6-4, 305, 5.4) from Rancho Santa Margarita (Calif.) Tesoro and his family have been pretty busy lately entertaining football coaches at their home for their in-house visits. Ajawara has narrowed things down and is approaching making his all important college choice.
"I have had three in-home visits this last week," Ajawara said. "UCLA came thru, ASU cam thru and U of A (Arizona) came thru. It went good. It all went very well.
"My parents got the opportunity to kind of meet the coaches a little bit more," Ajawara said. "They didn't get to come on my visits with me so they never were able to meet the coaches and kind of see the people, wherever I choose to go, they're going to be the people who are pretty much going to be taking care of me and watching over me so it is pretty big to figure out how the family reacts to where you want to go."
Ajawara has pretty much narrowed it down to Arizona, Arizona State, and UCLA. He would have liked to hear a little more from one Pac 10 school.
"I still kind of in the back of mind wished I had gotten more interest from Oregon," Ajawara said. "But I am definitely happy with the offers that I have."
Ajawara has taken visits to Arizona and Arizona State, but he hasn't had the opportunity taking an official visit to UCLA as of yet.
"I hoping to take an official visit in January, but by then I will probably have made my decision," Ajawara said. "I will only be up to taking a visit if I hadn't made a decision, or if I actually commit to that school then I will definitely be taking the visit.
"I hope to make my decision in the next couple of weeks," Ajawara said. "I'm kind of putting it down on paper and kind of look over what's going to be my determining factors and make a decision as soon as possible.
What does he like about his top three schools?
"I like Arizona's coaching staff and like the way they are running their offense," Ajawara said. "There is a lot going on for them in the future, is a big thing. They have a bright future.
"They had couple close games go the wrong way, but they actually came pretty close to playing in the Rose Bowl this year," Ajawara said. "That's definitely a plus to go to a team that's not completely rebuilding and is already kind of establishing itself again."
"The love the area at ASU," Ajawara said. "It is kind of in the middle of three cities and love the stadium. That was pretty much my big thing. When I walked thru the stadium and I went thru the weight room and all of their facilities are on the stadium. It was very nice and I of course have a teammate (Evan Finkenberg) who went there last year and will probably do some things there soon.
"If I go there (ASU), there is definitely something to build on top of," Ajawara said. "The offense is going to get things going when they get their new coordinator and everything.
"UCLA is just an amazing school," Ajawara said. "The area around it. Westwood is one of the best places to be in the country. The coaches are going to be great.
"A lot of places that you go to don't have that job security and you don't know who is going to be there," Ajawara said. "Over at UCLA and U of A, they're pretty established. This where they're going to be after awhile and that is big for me.
"I'll probably make my announcement around Christmas time and be able to make a real decision," Ajawara said. "I'm kind of moving along actually getting ready to play wherever I go and hopefully be able to make an impact as soon as possible."