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Three-star TE has a change of heart

Though Vanderbilt has struggled at times on the field this fall, its 2010 recruiting class has been as good as any that Bobby Johnson has compiled. One of the jewels of that class is Birmingham (Ala.) Oak Mountain tight end Davis Dudchock. Recently however, a trip to Stanford opened up his eyes and the athletic pass catcher has decided to make a change.
"I committed to Stanford," Dudchock said on Monday night. "Over the last two months I realized that I committed prematurely to Vanderbilt without thoroughly evaluating Stanford and Tennessee. In October, I had contacted the coaches and told them that I wanted to go on an unofficial visit to Stanford and I went there for the Oregon game. I also visited back in May and really enjoyed it and it was even better the second time."
Both times Dudchock took in the Palo Alto campus his stay lasted three to four days. Even though one of his visits was to see Stanford defeat a highly ranked Oregon squad, the academic environment was as impressive as anything to him.
"It was a great trip and there were many positive advantages about Stanford," he said. "We hung out with and met several world class professors in engineering, economics and world policy. Back in May when I visited, my family and I got to meet Dr. Condaleeza Rice so that really made an impact."
The commitment comes on the heels of Stanford putting together dominating victories over Oregon and USC but Dudchock has been a believer in Stanford for much longer than the past few weeks.
"My eyes were open before that," he said of the recent Stanford success. "Stanford is definitely a team that's doing well. They have the right personnel, great coaching, a great staff and a great scheme and they have a lot of things going for them. I think it's opened more the eyes of the nation."
Conversely from Stanford, Vanderbilt has been struggling this fall with only two wins to its credit. However, Dudchock claims that the positives at Stanford were a much bigger factor than any Vanderbilt struggles.
"I would say (Vandy's struggles) haven't hurt it is just my heart is really with Stanford. Coach Cain, the tight end coach, he's a great individual. Coach Caldwell, my recruiting coach and Coach Johnson are all awesome individuals and great leaders."
Stanford already has plans for how they are going to use the versatile pass-catcher and Dudchock sees it being a great fit for his skill set.
"I'm excited about competing to play the "U" position in the offense," he said. "It's a tight end that moves around and goes in motion a lot and is kind of versatile. I definitely see myself fitting into that position well."
Done with his season after finishing 4-6, Dudchock is now focused on training for the next level and baseball season in the spring.
Dudchock is currently rated as a three-star and the No. 17 tight end in the nation.