Three-star Stevens keeping options open

Goose Creek (S.C.) defender Jalen Stevens already has offers from Arizona State, Connecticut, North Carolina, and Southern Miss but he's hoping his solid start to the season will attract more recruiting attention.
The three-star Stevens is being recruited by most schools as a defensive end, but he's currently anchoring Goose Creek's defense at the middle linebacker spot.
Through the first two weeks of the season, Stevens racked up 33 tackles and two sacks. So with his recent success at linebacker, would he rather continue to play that position in college?

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"It really doesn't matter to me," Stevens said. "As long as I can get on the field, I'm willing to play at defensive end or linebacker."
Stevens said he's received increased interest from Vanderbilt, Clemson, Missouri and Georgia over the last few weeks, but none of the four have extended an offer.
Both the Commodores and Clemson say they want Stevens to play only defensive end, but some coaches are projecting him in a Clay Matthews-type role, where he can do a little of everything.
"Some schools are projecting me a hybrid type player," Stevens said. "I like that, I like watching guys like DeMarcus Ware who can do both."
Stevens said he's going to continue to be patient when it comes to recruiting, and has yet to schedule any visits. He's also not leaning any particular way at this point.
"I'm going to take one visit during the season, but I'm not sure where," Stevens said. "I'm totally undecided but as long as I continue to hear from schools and pick up offers I'm going to keep my options open."