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Three-star receiver waiting on an offer

It is late in the recruiting season and signing classes are filling up but there are still high quality players that are looking for a home. Kris Lott out of Plano, Texas had several offers early in the process from the likes of Kansas, Minnesota and Tulsa but as classes filled up, Lott has been left out of the numbers game.
"I had some options like Kansas and Tulsa but they all filled up pretty quick," Lott said. "I didn't want to commit without visiting and a lot of people committed before visiting and it just all filled up."
As Signing Day approaches, Lott is looking for a firm offer and two schools look to be his main possibilities.
"I talked to SMU last week and they were talking about a possible offer but we're not sure yet," he said. "We're still waiting on that word. I'm still waiting on a word from UTEP so we're kind of waiting on those two. They both came like in the past two weeks so they're brand new."
Lott, a soft-handed receiver who has been incredibly productive over the past two seasons, likes both of the options that he has in front of him.
"SMU, they wouldn't tell me I'd play receiver right away. They just said they'd use me as an athlete. UTEP wants to put me at receiver and we're trying to see what happens there because it's just me and one other guy they're looking at."
As a junior, Lott emerged catching 69 passes for 1,127 yards. During his senior season, he took things a step further, posting 81 catches for 1,187 yards.
"I had a lot better season than I had my junior year," he said. "That junior year caught me by surprise and I didn't think I'd top that and being a receiver you get double-teamed so it makes tougher. My junior year it was two other receivers and this year it was just me so they used me all over the field and people got to see my athletic side. I even got to play some defense in the playoffs."
With just a week before Signing Day, Lott is a rare talent looking for takers.