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Three-star QB thrown for a loop

Three-star dual-threat quarterback Kody Spano had figured it all out. He had committed to his school of choice all the way back in February. He started getting himself prepared for a December graduation and an early enrollment. He was going to get to work for Oklahoma State in Spring practice and have a leg up heading into his freshman season.
It may be back to the drawing board for Spano.
After a surprise phone call on Wednesday night from Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy, Spano has some thinking to do.
"I've been committed to Oklahoma State for about eight months then I got a phone call yesterday and coach Gundy basically said they don't have a spot on the team right now for the spring semester," Spano said. "Two of their kids that were supposed to be on course for graduation in December didn't pass a class or something and they're having to keep them for another semester. They only have one spot and instead of taking me their taking another recruit they've been recruiting. I don't have a scholarship for the spring semester. So basically I'd have to wait until June or I'd have to walk on for the Spring."
For now, Spano is still committed to the Cowboys but will definitely be reevaluating his options
"There's been a lot of other options that opened up," he said. "There are four or five other schools that have called today. I haven't heard who it was because my dad has been talking to them. Right now I can't say that I'm 100 percent to OSU. I don't know for sure what I'm going to do right now."
The 6-foot-2 200-pounder doesn't have much time to think about it. The timing of the move by OSU leaves Spano with only a matter of weeks to make his plans as the call from Gundy came only two days before his high school graduation.
"I got the news last night and when I first heard it and my dad told me, I couldn't believe it and it was just a shock," he said. "I had no idea what was going to happen or what I was gonna do because I'm on course to graduate tomorrow. I was really upset that they had done that but as of right now, I'm seeing that there's going to be other doors open and I'm starting to cool down about it a little bit."
With such a talented quarterback essentially back on the market, Spano will have several schools banging down his door. Some of the schools that he hopes to hear from include Iowa State, Nebraska, Alabama and Auburn. However, wherever he goes, he'll be going there soon.
"That's really the hold up with the schools and everything is that I plan on sticking with my plan and enrolling in school in January."
Spano rushed for 11 touchdowns and over 350 yards as a senior while passing for 2,190 yards and 23 touchdowns.