Three-star OG focused on three

Three-star offensive guard Antonio Harris out of Upper Marlboro (Md.) Wise continues to claim a top three. The 6-foot-3, 311-pounder plans to take visits before making a decision.
"Right now I'm really leaning towards Old Dominion, that's really where it's at still," he stated. "Towson and Buffalo are in the mix, but I'm leaning towards Old Dominion a bit."
Why Old Dominion?

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"Well, my recruiting coordinator reminds me so much of my coach," he said. "I met my position coach and fell in love with him. It's like a family down there they do everything together. They are doing something good right now and they are about to go Division I to Conference USA next year. That's a big step and everyone wants to be part of something like that."
However, Buffalo and Towson are in the mix.
"Towson is there because of the position coach," he said. "I've seen what he's done for people, he's put them in the league and I love him. He is the real deal.
"For Buffalo, I haven't gone down there yet, but I know a lot of people and have heard good things."
Harris has one other team still considering throwing an offer out.
"I know Maryland still wants me, but they haven't thrown out an offer yet," he said. "They say they are going to offer me and I don't know if that would change my mind. It might. They are just waiting to see on my SAT score. I just took it and haven't gotten my scores back."
When is a decision coming?
"Well, I'm probably going to take some visits after the season," he said. "I can't take them during because we play every Saturday."
Harris has time to gain further interest as he has received invites for the Chesapeake and Crab Bowls.
Meanwhile, on the season, he has helped his team to an 8-0 mark.
"The season is going great right now," he said. "We've got a big game coming up against Flowers.
"It's my first year starting both ways and defensively I'm feeling better. I've always felt good about things offensively, but defensively I'm starting to feel like I'm getting better."