Three-star LB lost after Purdue change

Like most of the Purdue commitments who caught wind of coach Danny Hope's firing on Sunday, 3-star Winder (Ga.) Apalache linebacker Johnny Thompson was very surprised when reached for reaction.
Thompson said he had heard rumblings about possible changes to the coaching staff, but he never thought the head coach was going to lose his job.
"That's a big difference between an assistant coach and a head coach," Thompson said. "Losing a head coach can change a whole program. I'm still committed right now but I'm in contact with other schools."

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As far as how long his plans on sticking with Purdue, Thompson didn't sound very sure of his status.
"I might end up decommiting," he said. "I'm going to take a couple of days and think about things."
Thompson said he's been in touch with Wake Forest and Colorado State, and academics will continue to factor into his decision-making process.
As of early Sunday evening, Thompson was at work and had yet to speak to anyone from Purdue. His mother, however, spoke with Supervisor of Player Personnel Kevin Maurice.
"They haven't called me yet," Thompson said.
He added that he's not sure what his next move will be and he's not sure when he'll decide for certain if he'll stay committed.
"I'm really lost right now," he said. "I think I'll take a couple of weeks, figure out my options and go from there."