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Three-star LB hosting coaches

St. Louis (Mo.) Cleveland NJROTC linebacker Shaun Richardson has had little time this week to do much other than talk to college coaches.
"Gary Pinkel was just here," the 6-foot-2, 225-pound Richardson said. "He came with all of the information about Missouri anyone could want. He had everything here he needed to answer every question we had. He's a real funny guy. We had a good time visiting with him."
Pinkel is the second visitor this week for the No. 36 rated linebacker in the country.
"Coach Aken from Iowa was here yesterday. He had a lot to tell us about Iowa and how I would fit into their plans for what they were doing. And tomorrow, Coach Brown from Michigan State is coming in to visit with us about their school."
Richardson's visit schedule is holding steady.
"I visited Purdue a couple weeks ago," he said. "I've got Indiana for this weekend (Dec. 6), followed by Missouri and then Illinois on the 20th. I'll visit Kansas the first weekend in January when visits are allowed again."