Three-star hoping playoff run pays dividends

Converse (Texas) Judson safety Dominick Maddox has helped his team gut out a well-earned 6-4 record this season and now he is looking towards a playoff run. He also has one eye on recruiters and with both his team and his future in mind, the longer the playoff run, the better.
"We play our first playoff game on Sunday against Austin Bowie," Maddox said. "They're pretty good. It's a young team with a lot of sophomores and juniors. Going into the playoffs we're 6-4. We came out of the hardest district in the state probably so it's quite hard to come out of it undefeated."
With three interceptions and 75 tackles on the year, Maddox has been doing his part on the field and has shown that he can excel in the pass and run games.
"I like to play both the run and the pass," he said. "I will step up and defend the run but on the pass I will go get the ball."
Some of the schools showing Maddox significant interest are Oklahoma, UTEP, Minnesota, Louisville and while UTEP and Air Force are the only two schools that have handed out offers, Maddox hopes the playoffs will change that.
"Probably after the season I'm going to send this season's highlight tapes out," he said. "Hopefully in the playoffs more coaches will be able to see me since they won't be having games. Usually more colleges look at you in the playoffs so the further we go the better it is."
Oklahoma, Oregon and Virginia Tech are three of Maddox's favorite schools that he hopes to hear more from, in large part because of their defenses.
"I always look at the defense," he said. "What kind of defense they play and if they're ranked. Those are the biggest factors."
Maddox hopes to schedule some visits following his season but has yet to settle his list.