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Three-star has two favorites

Three-star offensive tackle Silvarius Ajawara (6-3, 315, 5.4) from Rancho Santa Margarita (Calif.) Tesoro has seen his offers rise to four and all four of them are Pac 10 schools. Ajawara plays for a new school that has really come on as of late and is known for their fine offensive line play. This young student athlete has massive upside.
Ajawara has offers on the table from Arizona, Arizona State, UCLA and Washington. Rivals.com checked in with the fast rising offensive lineman. He talks about his latest adventures on the recruiting trail.
"My recruiting has quieted down right now, which has given me a little time to think for a little bit," Ajawara said. "I was just down to Arizona on an unofficial just to look around the school and meet with some of the coaches.
"Arizona was nice," Ajawara said. "It's a nice campus, the coaches, I'm kind of close with Coach Bill Bedenbaugh the offensive line coach and Coach Garret Chachere the one who has been recruiting me, because he does California. Arizona is definitely a nice place. It's definitely a place I could see myself going."
With another school that has an offer on Ajawara's table, Arizona State, just up the road did he get a chance to visit the Sun Devil campus?
"No I didn't get a chance because I had to be back because I went with one of my buddies on the trip," Ajawara said. "I want to get down to Arizona State as soon as possible because I definitely have a high interest for ASU and U of A, with UCLA of course."
"UCLA is absolutely in for me," Ajawara said. "UCLA is at the top of my list. It is one of those schools that people dream about getting into."
"With ASU, I talk to their coaches a lot," Ajawara said. "I definitely like their campus, I just looked at it online and liked what I saw. It seems like a place I can see myself going to and their football program has been high for a couple of years. That is something that is weighing on my mind.
"Washington, I haven't really been able to get in contact with anyone from them to check with any of the coaches lately," Ajawara said. "I hope to get in contact with them in the next week or two, so I can meet up with them and see exactly what is going on there. I haven't really gotten much info from Washington lately."
"Oregon is the other school that is recruiting me," Ajawara said. "Other than the schools that have offered me.
"Like I said, everything has kind of quieted down, it is a good thing, and kind of worrisome, but it is definitely exciting still," Ajawara said. "July is when they (college coaches) get their break and everything. They want to be with their families and that makes sense to me.
"It is kind of refreshing though," Ajawara said. "It gives me time to think over everything and kind of take a break myself to calm down and focus on my senior season.
During this downtime, Ajawara has been reflecting on his future and two schools are beginning to separate slightly from the pack.
"Right now the two schools at the top of my list are U of A (Arizona) and UCLA, without a doubt," Ajawara said. "UCLA may have a slight lead just because it is one of the most prestigious in the country, but U of A is also an amazing school for education, but UCLA is just kind of one of those top bar schools that people dream about getting into UCLA.
"Just the fact that I have an opportunity to go there (UCLA), not only to study, but to actually play football is amazing," Ajawara said. "So UCLA kind of is a little step above, but nothing too far ahead from U of A."
What is the future holding for Ajawara is he planning on taking all five of his visits before making a decision?
"I hope to take at least two or three official visits just too really get my mindset on where I want to go exactly, before I make any decisions," Ajawara said. "Wherever I'm going to go, I'm going to be there for four to five years and I want to be comfortable with my decision, without a doubt.
As a junior, Ajawara earned second-team all-league honors on a team that had two seniors that were recruited for the D-I level. He's also good student, who is already qualified.