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Three-star has eight

Three-star offensive lineman/defensive lineman Ben Gottschalk (6-5, 265, 4.85) from Sherman Oaks (Calif.) Notre Dame first caught the attention of Rivals.com in the spring and he impressed those in attendance with his fancy footwork for big man.
Rivals.com National Recruiting Analyst, Barry Every thought Gottschalk had best feet and lateral movement of any offensive lineman in the Los Angeles NIKE camp last spring. Every wrote on Gottschalk at the time that he looked like a participant on "Dancing with the Stars" after he made contact with the defender sliding his feet with precision and grace.
On the recruiting front, Gottschalk has eight offers on the table, but things have slowed down recently.
"Not a lot is happening right now," Gottschalk said. "I haven't really received too many new offers lately.
"My most recent offers came from San Jose State and Penn," Gottschalk said. "I'm at eight offers right now. They are from San Diego State, New Mexico State, Nevada, UNLV, Colorado State, Iowa State, Penn and San Jose State.
"I've taken one official visit to Colorado State awhile back," Gottschalk said. "It was really nice. I did the whole interview thing and stuff like that.
"I don't have any other visits set or anything like that," Gottschalk said. "I'm probably going to set up the rest of my visits after the season. That's what I'm thinking.
"I've been talking to Colorado a lot," Gottschalk said. "I know they are really interested. I've talked to Coach Denver Johnson a lot and I think I might be getting an offer from there soon.
"That's something that's going really good," Gottschalk said. "Daniel Munyer who plays right next to me has committed there and he's impressed them a lot.
"Also with Colorado that is kind of impressive is even though they didn't win," Gottschalk said. "It was still impressive how they almost able to be Oklahoma State and that was something that was pretty big to me.
"I took a couple of unofficial visits to San Diego State earlier in the spring and stuff like that," Gottschalk said. "Their coaches are pretty interested.
Most of the Pac 10 schools that Gottschalk was looking at have filled up their spots so he is looking hard at the Big 12 and there is a WAC school that is beginning to get his attention.
"Somebody who is really, really, appealing to me right now is Nevada," Gottschalk said. "They have been doing really, really well lately. I'm planning on setting up a visit with them. I'm putting recruiting on hold until the season is over."
Concentration on the rest of the season seems to be in vogue with a lot of the seniors that are being recruited and for good reason. They are closing down on their high school careers and unless they win out, their first loss will mean it is over.
Gottschalk was selected to Rivals.com California Preseason Top 100 for the class of 2010 landing as the Golden State's No. 94 prospect at any position.