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Three-star corner returns from the North

After racking up 16 interceptions as a junior, it would seem that quarterbacks would have learned to stay away from Clinton (La.) cornerback Prentiss Waggner. Fortunately for Waggner and his Clinton Eagles, quarterbacks haven't quite learned not to test the three-star prospect.
Waggner has tallied eight interceptions so far in his senior season and he has his career high in his sights. Couple that number with the ten touchdowns he has already scored on offense and it is no wonder that he is getting plenty of attention on the recruiting trail.
Waggner recently returned from his first official visit, a trip he took to see the University of Minnesota.
"It went good," Waggner said of the visit. "I got there Saturday. I watched the game. I talked to the coaches. They were telling me that I could come in and get playing time immediately because they have two freshmen starting now."
Despite the 27-21 loss to North Dakota State, Waggner enjoyed the gameday atmosphere.
"The atmosphere was real cool," he said. "The student section was real crazy."
The Minnesota campus and the city of Minneapolis also got high grades out of Waggner.
"The campus is real big," he said. "I think they said it was one of the top four biggest schools in the country. It's in the city, downtown Minneapolis. I want to go to a school in a big city like that and I liked Minneapolis."
With his Minnesota trip a success, Waggner is looking forward to comparing it to some other trips and the next trip on the books is a Nov. 2nd visit to Knoxville, Tenn.
"I'm really looking forward to that trip," he said of his official to Tennessee. "I like that they're in the best conference in the country and I like their DBs. They play aggressive."
Waggner is looking forward to learning more about his other schools of interest.
"I can see myself playing in Minnesota," he said. "But I want to give everybody a fair chance."