Three schools looking good to three-star

Lancaster, Texas defensive back Kerry Lewis has personally had a pretty good start to his senior season. He has piled up loads of tackles, he has forced two fumbles and recovered one and he has an interception that would have been taken back for a touchdown if not for a block in the back penalty. Unfortunately his team has not gotten out to the start it had hoped for.
"Right now we're 1-3 but things are looking better," Lewis said. "The offense is starting to come around so things should be good. District should be good. I never would've thought we'd start out like this but we gotta fight back. I think we're going through the storm right now but we'll be alright."
Personally, Lewis has been performed like every bit of the three-star, highly-recruited prospect that he is. However, he always sees room for improvement.
"I think I've played ok," he said. "I second guess myself but if I stop that I think I can play with anybody. I'll see something but if I see something different I will second-guess myself. I just need to trust my instincts."
His instincts are what have college coaches from around the country interested in Lewis. Though the versatile prospect hasn't scheduled any visits, he has thought about the process.
"I was going to go to Vanderbilt but my date was in a time when there was a storm so I couldn't go so I'm just going to hold out," he said. "I want to take all five visits and see what campus I think I'll fit better in and what group of coaches I like the best."
Lewis does not have a group of favorites at this point but some schools are starting to stand out to him.
"TCU, Vanderbilt and Kansas State are sticking out," he said. "I don't want to guarantee that they'll be in my top five but they're the ones that stand out. Some new schools have been local schools that come to see us play like SMU and TCU. They were recruiting me before but not as hard as they are now. Vanderbilt also came to one of our games and they say that they really like me."
The Lancaster secondary may be the most talented defensive back groups in the country with at least four highly-recruited senior DBs. Kerry noted that the four close friends have considered finding a school together.
"We talked about it, especially us four DBs. We've really thought about going to the same school but we just haven't sat down and mapped it out but we're just trying to find one school that will take all ofr of us. Every school that comes, they say they like all four of us."
Lewis is ranked as the No. 50 cornerback in the nation by