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Three-point stance: Takeaways from the Under Armour All-America Game

Rashan Gary (No. 55)
Rashan Gary (No. 55)

Making an impression

I was impressed by defensive tackles Rashan Gary, Ed Oliver and Benito Jones as one could easily make a case they were the best three players in the game. That's especially impressive considering how unusual it is to see an inside position player dominate in any setting.

I was impressed with the burst of running backs Miles Sanders and B.J. Emmons, who looked so much more explosive than their counterparts.

I was impressed with offensive guard Landon Dickerson, but only when he was pulling.

In the secondary, I was impressed with Kristian Fulton for being instinctual in coverage, Levonta Taylor (especially his punt return) and Eric Cuffee for stealing the ball away from Josh Hammond for a big play.

I was impressed with defensive end Antonneous Clayton for continuing to be so quick off the edge and quarterback Malik Henry for being polished and accurate.

I was impressed with wide receiver Dionte Mullins having a great week of practice and making the catch of the game despite missing the entire season. Wide receiver A.J. Brown also stood out for being faster and more elusive than he showed in practice.

I was impressed with linebacker Ben Davis for laying the wood a couple times and fellow linebacker Tre Lamar for being strong at the point of attack and squaring up well.

Defensive end Marlon Davidson impressed me by having a strong game after a bad week of practice.

I was impressed with linebacker Dontavious Jackson for his instincts and I was impressed with defensive lineman McTelvin Agim for being a physical force.

Tyrie Cleveland
Tyrie Cleveland ()

Several disappointments on Saturday

I was disappointed with quarterback Jarrett Guarantano's performance. He turned in a great week of practice but struggled badly and fumbled during the game.

The same goes for wide receiver Tyrie Cleveland. He didn't drop any passes during practices, but dropped two on Saturday.

I was disappointed with offensive tackle Willie Allen, who looked like he didn’t belong at this level.

I was disappointed with running back Kareem Walker, who fumbled again.

I was disappointed with defensive back Saivion Smith for again not being as good as I want him to be in coverage.

I was disappointed with quarterback Woody Barrett and his indecisiveness and I was disappointed with offensive tackle Jean Delance for being a turnstile more times than not.

I was disappointed with cornerback Chauncey Gardner for fumbling, blowing coverage on a touchdown and missing an easy pick-six after looking like a five-star in practice.

I was disappointed with offensive lineman Deonte Brown for being moved too easily for a big guy and I was disappointed with the punters who were horrible.

Tre Threat
Tre Threat ()


I was surprised that wide receiver Nate Craig-Myers was able to juke Carlos Becker so easily in the open field.

Linebacker Aaron Hansford surprised me with his speed and how much he likes to hit.

I was surprised that quarterback Matt Fink wasn’t as horrendous as I expected, linebacker Keion Joyner made some nice tackles and linebacker Tre Threat moved a bit better than expected.

I was surprised that five-star linebacker Rahshaun Smith didn’t have more tackles or make more of an impact in the game itself.

I was surprised at how much better defensive end Shane Simmons handles bigger tackles now and that Andre Anthony didn’t have a bigger game even though he was still solid.

I’m surprised wide receiver Sam Bruce wasn’t involved in the short passing game more often and that the bigger, fast receivers like N’Keal Harry and Drake Davis didn’t get a few more passes thrown downfield.