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Three-Point Stance: Pac-12 studs, big transfers, dispelling myths

Rivals National Columnist Mike Farrell is here with a look at 10 Pac-12 players he’s excited to see next season, some thoughts on big recent transfers and five college football myths floating out there including one about Jim Harbaugh.


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Charlie Brewer
Charlie Brewer (Getty Images)

Spring football is over for most programs and, as always, there are breakout players that have fans excited. Let’s continue today with the Pac-12 and focus on 10 non-freshmen that I’m most excited to see this season.

1. QB Charlie Brewer, Utah — Brewer was excellent at Baylor and should be the guy at Utah to lead the Utes to a run at the Pac-12 title.

2. QB Anthony Brown, Oregon — In his second season in this offense Brown could be dangerous and his leadership skills will be key for a playoff run.

3. RB Keontay Ingram, USC — The running back position has been a need for a few seasons and all indications are that the Texas transfer will be the man.

4. DB Brendan Radley-Hiles, Washington — He jumps in right at nickel and will help replace Elijah Molden.

5. WR Elijah Badger, Arizona State — He didn’t get to play last season due to academic reasons but he was a standout this spring and could be a go-to guy for Jayden Daniels.

6. LB Jacob Mangum-Farrar, Stanford — Stanford needs help at linebacker and Mangum-Farrar is a physical player who could make a major impact if he stays healthy.

7. WR Jeremiah Hunter, Cal — Hunter has shown signs this spring of being a potential starter by midseason for Cal.

8. CB Isaiah Rutherford, Arizona — The Notre Dame transfer stood out and contributed immediately and while the offense will be focused on in Tucson, this could be a solid secondary.

9. WR CJ Moore, Washington State — The Oklahoma State transfer has big-play ability and if he can cut down on his drops he will have a massive impact as he showed in the spring game.

10. CB Chris Steele, USC — Steele has played, but he has really stepped up his game this spring and could have a huge season.



Stephen Carr
Stephen Carr (Getty Images)

The transfer portal has been busy as always and there have been some big recent commitments that will help teams immediately. Here are the ones that stand out to me.

QB TJ Finley, Auburn — Finley has a live arm and a ton of potential as he heads to a team with limited depth at quarterback. This is well worth the roster spot.

LB William Mohan, Tennessee — Mohan comes from Michigan and will immediately help with coverage at the linebacker position, an area of weakness.

TE Trae Barry, Boston College — The Jacksonville State product is tall and a great downfield threat and should put up big numbers in the BC offense.

DB Major Burns, LSU — The need at safety is a big one for LSU and the Georgia transfer will battle for playing time right away.

DB Donovan Kaufman, Auburn — He’s joining Derek Mason again at Auburn and that familiarity from Vanderbilt will help.

RB Stephen Carr, Indiana — He has excellent receiving skills and can be an intriguing weapon for Indiana as yet another weapon.

DB Qwynnterrio Cole, Louisville — The Alcorn State prospect is taking a big step up in competition but he has the skills to handle it and was heavily coveted.

OL Justice Oluwaseun, Miami — Miami needs OL help and athletic big bodies, and this kid has a high ceiling.

DB Jaddarrius Perkins, Florida — Perkins was a big-time target for Florida out of Missouri. The Gators have been very picky about what defensive backs they pursue so they clearly love him.

DB Marco Domio, UCF — Another Auburn to UCF transfer, Domio adds to a very talented secondary for the Knights.



Jim Harbaugh
Jim Harbaugh (Getty Images)

Finally I’ve been thinking about a few things that I’ve heard lately and wondered if they are actually true. So I did some research and feel the following are simply myths.

1. Jim Harbaugh is a bad college coach — Not true. While he has been a disappointment for Michigan fans with losses to Ohio State and no run at the playoff, Harbaugh is 49-22 at Michigan after a nice run at Stanford. He can coach, we all know that, and those who say he is bad are simply ridiculous. But yet you hear it all the time.

2. Florida fans would trade Dan Mullen for Kirby Smart — This was brought up this week as fact and it’s very much fiction. While Florida fans have a high bar set for their coaches, Mullen is their guy and Smart has done nothing to make them jealous. Yes he’s been to the playoff and title game but Mullen is doing just fine in Florida. Maybe they'd take this trade in the recruiting department but not on the field.

3. The same teams always make the playoff — How about these teams — Washington, Michigan State, Notre Dame, Florida State, LSU , Oregon and Georgia — they are all playoff teams over the years so it’s not always about Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State and Oklahoma even if it seems that way sometimes. And we will likely add a few new teams over the next few seasons, like Texas A&M, Texas and North Carolina.

4. Defense can’t win national titles — How quickly we forget the Derrick Henry-led Alabama team that won with a strong run game and a nasty defense. That team is easy to forget about when you think about Alabama in 2020, LSU in 2019 and Clemson in 2018 but defense still matters and a defensive team will likely win it all again shortly. Maybe Georgia this year?

5. Clay Helton was a disaster hire for USC — Helton has finished first in the Pac-12 South three times, has a 45-23 overall record and is 36-12 in the Pac-12. That may not be up to par for USC fans, but a disaster hire is more like Jeremy Pruitt at Tennessee or Charlie Strong at Texas, no?