Three more offers for four-star corner

Four-star cornerback Tyler Stephenson is no secret. He has picked up offers from around the country and the letters continue to roll in. Recently Stephenson added to his list with offers from Utah, TCU and Vanderbilt.
"When my coach texted me and told me, it surprised me because I hadn't been receiving any mail from any of those schools," Stephenson said of the newest three. "He sends my film out and after that, it's just like pretty much he'll talk to them and then there's an offer."
Stephenson does not have great familiarity with any of the recent offers, with the slight exception of Vanderbilt.

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"It was a real surprise," he said. "I know Vanderbilt. They were recruiting one of my teammates but he ended up committing to Minnesota. I'll probably be taking a close look to them. I'll do research if I get an offer from a school. I'll almost always do research on them."
Similarly, the two schools that are on top for Stephenson are the programs that have been recruiting him the longest and that he has built good relationships with.
"Right now, I would say probably at the top of my list would be probably Oklahoma State and Kansas because I know I talk to those coaches quite a lot," he said. "I know those coaching staffs. Right now I'm still looking at Texas Tech, Texas A&M and some local schools. I'll probably be looking at schools from around the country."
Stephenson isn't satisfied with just receiving offers either. He plans on proving himself in some camp settings as well. He plans to attend the Nike Football Training Camp in Fort Worth a week from Sunday.
"I just like the competition because I know there'll be a lot of people there but it also gives me a chance to see where my game is and the little parts that I need to get better on."
Along with football, Stephenson is starring in track where he runs the 110 meter hurdles, the 300 meter hurdles and the 4x400. A star in all of his events, Stephenson runs sub-50 second splits in the 400.