Three more for Stewart

Scholarship offers can come in bunches and sometimes there can be substantial time between one and the next. Marvin Stewart learned that earlier this week. The defensive back from Arlington (Va.) Yorktown hadn't picked up a new offer in a few weeks and, all of a sudden, he found out about three new offers in one day.
"It was crazy," said the 6-foot, 184-pound Stewart. "West Virginia said they offered me like two months ago but I didn't know until the coach came to my school.
"I was messaging some of the coaches on Facebook and they told me to give them a call later on that night," he said. "Coach Papuchis from Nebraska told me to give him a call because he had some big news for me. I called him and he told me I had an offer from Nebraska. I was so surprised because they just started showing interest lately.

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"Boston College came to the school and told me to give him a call that night and he told me they offered me too," Stewart said. "It was crazy because I had never gotten two offers in one night before. All my other offers were spaced out."
When offers come in bunches like this, recruits often have a hard time developing relationships with the coaches. The may not necessarily be the case with Stewart.
"I've been talking to Coach Brown and Coach Papuchis from Nebraska a lot lately and the defensive backs coach also," he said. "We've been building a relationship, just checking in on each other.
"Coach Leonard from Boston College and I are starting to build a relationship," said Stewart. "I hadn't talked to him before he came to the school. I don't have too much of a relationship with him but it's building."
Stewart is getting plenty of looks for other schools and more offers sound like they are around the corner.
"Some new schools that have come in are Pittsburgh, Miami, Michigan State and West Virginia," he said. "Those are the ones off the top of my head that have been by. I don't really know much about any of those schools. I've been talking to Michigan State and they made a good impression on me because have one of the best sports medicine programs in the country. That's big and I'm looking forward to getting to know them a little better.
"I would say either Pittsburgh or Michigan State will be my next offer because I've been talking to them a lot," Stewart said. "The coach from Pittsburgh came down. He's pretty cool and he told me that he is trying to get the rest of the staff to see my tape so I can get an offer.
"Coach Burton from Michigan State also said he liked my tape and wants to get me in touch with the defensive backs coach," he said. "Earlier this week he said he's trying to get the whole defensive staff to evaluate my tape and see if they want to offer me or not."
With all of these options, Stewart wants to make sure he does his research.
"I'm going to trying to visit West Virginia because they offered me," he said. "My dad was saying that we should also hit Pittsburgh at the same time. I might go to Nebraska with my friend Demornay Pierson-El. I'm going to try to get up to Michigan State, Northwestern and maybe Stanford. I'll probably narrow my list in a few weeks or a month. I want to decide during the summer."
Some other schools that have offered Stewart are Duke, Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia, Virginia Tech and others.