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Three in front for Derricott

Dvonta Derricott's top five didn't stay at five for very long. The list has already been, at least in a way, shaved to three.
The sought-after Garden City (Kan.) Community College linebacker says the frontrunners to land his commitment could change. According to him, no school is totally eliminated and there could be some late jostling for position. Whatever the case, though, there are three programs that stand above the rest .
Derricott isn't exactly trimming his list, but he is certainly his narrowing his focus. Recruiting is all about the right now. And, right now, Derricott has his opinions.
"I said I have a top five, but I really just have a top three," he said. "It's Wisconsin, South Florida and West Virginia. That's just right now."
South Florida and Wisconsin recruited Derricott out of his Virginia-based high school. Some of the relationships are still in place. Some are not. According to him, though, loyalty is not the driving the force behind his outlook. Instead, it's familiarity that is pushing the buttons.
"I have a great relationship with the coaches at all of my top three," Derricott said. "That's what they all have in common. At South Florida, I like the Florida weather. At Wisconsin, they have a successful program and Coach [Chris] Beatty recruited me out of high school. West Virginia is the only one that didn't recruit me out of high school, but I have a great relationship with them."
Derricott intends to take official visits to each of the three campuses in the fall. Before he does that, though, he'll take one more unofficial visit - an unofficial visit that has been awarded to a program outside his top three.
"When I get back to Kansas, I'm taking an unofficial to Kansas State," Derricott said. "One of my coaches, Coach [Jeff] Kelly, played at Kansas State and he's going to go up with me when I get back. And Coach [Joe] Gordon, our defensive coach, is my dude. He's from K-State."
As for a timetable on a verbal commitment, Derricott shrugs. He goes back and forth on the topic and, in the past, has indicated that he'd like to wait until after his upcoming season to announce his choice. These days, however, he's not as sure.
"I'm really not sure when I'll do it," Derricott said. "I haven't made that decision. I'm just going to wait and see."