Three fighting for Jones

With one official visit already in the books, three-star offensive tackle Sam Jones is ready to name a leader. Even if it's by default.
He admits that one of the main reasons for Oregon's standing at the top of his list is the fact that it's the only school he's officially visited. That's not the whole story, of course, but it certain has an affect.
It's all subject to change after his remaining visits. It's why Jones is careful with his words. Whatever the case, though, at least for now, The Ducks have to like their position. Unseating Oregon on the recruiting trail is no simple task, after all.

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"It's kind of hard to say how much Oregon is the favorite because I haven't taken officials to the others," Jones said. "I've taken unofficial to both the others, Arizona State and Kansas State, but the official to Oregon put them at the top of the list for now."
It didn't yield a commitment, but the trip to Eugene had its desired effect. In the end, it did what trips to Eugene tend to do.
"It pretty much blew my mind," Jones said. "I saw the new facilities and got to see them play Nicholls State. The beat them, like, 66-3 or something like that. I've been trying to explain the new facilities to people, and I don't even know if words can do it. Pictures don't do it justice, either."
Jones' visit to Eugene took place on Aug. 31, and the Highlands Ranch (Colo.) Thunderridge lineman will have plenty more time to let in ruminate. He'll eventually take official visits to his other two favorites, but he's not positive when or in what order. Jones may or may not take one of his visits on Oct. 19. That's all the information he has for now.
Jones is attacking his recruitment day by day. At this point, he's in nor rush to commit to a visit, let alone a college.
"We have one more Thursday-night game on my high school schedule so I'm looking to either visit Kansas State or Arizona State that weekend," he said. "I don't know which one or if I'll be able to do it even. I'm hoping to get one set up. I have to see if the schedule sets up. I'm definitely going to both eventually, but I don't know which one is going to be first."
Kansas State has a bye on Jones' target date while Arizona State is scheduled to play a home game against Washington. A trip to ]Washington is also being kicked around, but Jones says he isn't sure whether or not it will actually take place. On Wednesday, he restated that Oregon, Kansas State and Arizona State are the three schools most likely to land his commitment.
Just when that commitment will come, however, is anyone's guess.
"If I go on a visit and I absolutely love it and know that's where I want to go, I'll commit," Jones said. "Other than that, I'll probably wait until after all of them."
As a junior, Jones helped ThunderRidge to an 11-2 overall record and an appearance in the Colorado 5A state semifinals.