Three after Jones hard

The nation's No. 2 safety prospect, Chad Jones of Baton Rouge (La.) Southern Lab, is just finishing up his summer baseball season. The 6-foot-2, 220-pound two-sport star also has been attempting to sort out his recruitment for football and as fall practice approaches he will begin preparing himself for that season.
One of the first things football-related that Jones, Louisiana's No. 2 overall prospect, plans on doing is heading over to LSU for the Tigers' prospect camp.
"I've been doing baseball for most of the summer," Jones said. "But I'm planning on going to LSU's camp this weekend."

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LSU is one of three programs, along with Ole Miss and Clemson that Jones cited as "coming after him the hardest" at the moment. He said he had not decided on a full list of schools that he will visit officially and does not have a favorite.
"A few schools have made big moves on me, trying to get me to come in for visits," Jones said.
LSU, where his brother Al Jones currently is on the team, is one.
"I like that (LSU) is a big Division I schools and it's right here in my hometown," Jones said. "I'm not too far away from the school right now. Plus, my brother is there. It would make my mom happy to see me and my brother playing together again."
Relationships with coaches have the Rebels and Clemson in the mix.
"I know a good bit about Ole Miss," Jones said. "I know the head coach Ed Orgeron and the running backs coach Frank Wilson really well. I've been looking a lot at Ole Miss, they will likely get a visit."
Clemson recruiter Burton Burns has a tie with Jones.
"The recruiter from my area for Clemson graduated from my old high school (New Orleans Saint Augustine) around the same time my dad did," Jones said. "It seems like a good school, so I'd like to get up there and check it out."
Auburn, Florida, Florida State and Miami (Fla.) also are schools that are in the mix for Jones, who will not be making an announcement any time soon.
"It's definitely Signing Day," Jones said.
Jones also is a talented enough baseball prospect that he could be a high draft pick in next year's major league draft.
"I think it would be great if I were to get drafted high," Jones said. "But it also would be fine if I were to go to college."
Pro baseball scouts and college baseball coaches are looking at Jones to do a variety of things.
"I play center field for my high school team, but the pro scouts want me to play corner fielder (left or right field," Jones said. "College coaches say that I could play anywhere in the outfield and also come in and be a relief pitcher. But, last week was my first time pitching in front of major league scouts and I threw a one-hitter, so I don't know."
In terms of football positions, there was some talk that Jones could be moved to outside linebacker because of his size, something that he doesn't quite think he would be comfortable doing.
"I want to play safety, definitely," Jones said. "It's not that I wouldn't be good at outside linebacker, because I know I would, but I kind of like to roam around on defense and make plays."
Jones, the nation's No. 35 overall prospect, had 81 tackles and four interceptions in 2005.