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Thompsons goals are lofty

Wichita (Kan.) Northwest running back Deron Thompson set a very lofty, very public goal for himself as a high school senior: rush for 2,000 yards.
The number isn't unfathomable by any stretch. High school running backs accomplish the feat often in some other leagues in some other cities.
This is, No running back has ever done in Wichita's City League. Not Bryce Brown, a one-time No. 1 overall prospect. Not a guy named Barry Sanders. Nobody. Thompson hopes to change that this fall.
It's not just lip service. When Thompson talks about his goal, you get the feeling he actually believes he's going to do it.
"I think I can get there," he said on Monday afternoon. "With the team I have around me and the players we have on offense, I know I can do it. The reason I set that goal is because I want to do something nobody has done yet. Last year, I had high ankle sprains on both ankles and still rushed for almost 1,500 yards. There were, like, three games that I only played one half. One game, I had a lot of stats and the coach pulled me out."
Thompson has other goals, too. Winning a state title is one of them. So is getting his recruitment out of the way in a timely manner. He won't commit before the start of his senior season, but he'd like to make a choice shortly thereafter. There will be no signing day suspense here. Just a few simple visits and decision.
"I don't want to wait too long to make a commitment," Thompson said. "I don't want to drag it out or wait around too much. I'm going to take some visits. Then, I should know what I want to do."
The only official visit that Thompson has set thus far is Sept. 28 trip to Minnesota for the Gophers' game against Iowa. The rest of his travel schedule is loose for the time being, but it's certainly starting to take shape.
"If things work out with Western Michigan and their commitment stuff, I want to go up there if they still want me to," Thompson said. "I know I'm going to be at Kansas State for sure for a couple game. Then, Colorado State. If I get one or two more offers, I might visit them. That's my plan right there. The only one I have set up right now is Minnesota."
In addition to being a three-star football prospect, Thomson is also a bit of track star. That, combined with his limited size, has some wondering if he would be better suited for the slot-receiver position on the college level. That's news to Thompson, though, who says every school recruiting him wants to use him in the backfield.
"Basically, every college wants me for running back. The only time I could come into the slot thing is in en empty set. They could split me out because they don't; want to have to put an extra receiver in the game. In that case, they could use me in the slot."
Thomson currently holds six scholarship offers. He is ranked as the No. 6 overall prospect in the state of Kansas and the No. 14 all-purpose back in America.