Thomas drawing the coaches in

Dublin (Ga.) West Laurens wide receiver Demaryius Thomas is a prospect to look out for during the May evaluation period. Quite a few college coaches have already been by to check him in the first week of May.
"I have gotten calls from Central Florida, Clemson, Michigan, Louisville, The Citadel and some others already this week," Thomas said. "Michigan was the first school to come by. Coach Gailey from Georgia Tech came by to see me the other day and Louisville and Clemson have also come by this week."
The 6-foot-4, 210-pound Thomas runs the 40-yard dash in 4.5 seconds. Thomas was named second team All-State and first team All-Region as a junior.

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"Right now my top five would be Georgia Tech, Florida State, Michigan, Duke and Clemson," Thomas said. "I would say that right now they are all equal. I think I want to make some kind of decision before the season starts just to get it out of the way."
Thomas has already picked up offers from Duke and Georgia Tech, but he plans to attend the NIKE camp in Athens on May 14, where he could raise his stock in front of dozens of college coaches.
"I know I am going to some team camps at Clemson and Georgia Tech, but after that I'm not sure," Thomas said. "It is a good way to learn something and check out the campuses at the same time."
As a junior Thomas caught approximately 30 passes for 600 yards.