This Prince is a wise man

One of the top players from the Peach State among the Class of 2009 is Prince Kent. Kent, 6-3 and 200 pounds, stars at both cornerback and wide receiver for Norcross (Ga.) High School. Last season he only allowed five receptions and caught seven passes himself.
"I didn't show up in the box score because my job was blocking and creating diversions (for Brice Butler and Devonta Bolden)," Kent said. "I think I had a superb year on defense. Most schools are recruiting me as a corner because that's what they mainly see on film. No one has seen my full potential as a wide receiver. Last year I emerged as a DB. Wait until you see what I do on offense this season.
"It's funny because half the schools tell me one thing about my position and other schools say the other. I am a realists and I know these coaches tell you want you want to hear. I just want to get on the field and position myself for the next level. I do realize that a big DB is more of a commodity."
That's the thing about Prince Kent, he knows more about this (recruiting) process then most kids out there.
"The entire recruiting process kind of gets you off focus for what's really important and I am trying not to let that happen. I am trying to study, play football, take test and just stay focused on school. I am graduating in December and I need to focus on the things I need to do. There is so much going on and then you have recruiting, the coaches and everything else."
There is something else about Prince Kent. He realizes that he wouldn't be in the position he's in without his teammates and coaches at Norcross High School.
"My teammates work just as hard as I do and we have so much talent. I have achieved none of this on my own and I am where I am because of my teammates and coaches at Norcross. I owe them so much."
Speaking of recruiting, where do things stand right now?
"Honestly, I don't anticipate having a top five until the season starts. I am looking at schemes, coaching staffs, and tradition. When I am looking at the process and talking with my uncle I realize that they will all provide a good education. I would like to be at a program that is solid and stable, the coaches grounded and rooted with the school and in the community. I want to go to a school that is putting people in the draft. I want to find a place where I have an opportunity to contribute early. I am not caught up in competition. I just want a fair chance and find the right situation for me."
So far Kent has taken unofficial visits to Georgia, Georgia Tech, South Carolina, Clemson, Miami and Florida.
"All of those visits standout. They were all very good. The one thing I have learned is not to get overly excited on a visit. They lay it all out on a visit and they are all impressive. Each school has a formula that works for them and all the colleges do an excellent job. The coaches know what you want to see and what you want to hear."