Things getting interesting for Bolden

Ontario (Calif.) Colony defensive back Omar Bolden has quickly become one of the most intriguing players to follow as we head closer to Signing Day. We talked to Bolden's adviser, coach John Brown, last Friday and at that time, it looked like the talented athlete had narrowed things down to Arizona State and Oregon State. As the old saying goes, 'not so fast.'
This past Friday, Coach Brown had told us that USC was in the home on Thursday and when an offer was not made, the family decided to go in a different direction. Although a coach from SC came by the house the following day to pick up Bolden for an official visit, Bolden himself wasn't there and didn't plan on making the trip.
"Coach Carroll called and talked to Omar that Friday," Brown said. "He offered him a scholarship and said they really wanted him to visit. Omar still said he wasn't interested in doing that. Then on Saturday, Jordan Campbell called him up and asked if he wanted to come to the SC basketball game with him.
"Omar went not really thinking anything of it. When he got to the game, Coach Carroll and some of the other coaches were there had a chance to talk to him some more and asked if he would stay the night and make it an official visit. Coach Carroll talked to Omar's family and cleared it with them and Omar decided to stay the weekend.
"It's kind of funny, Omar really didn't expect anything to come out of going there for the basketball game. He thought he was just going to show up and hang out with Jordan for the day but it became something much bigger obviously. I talked to Omar when he got home Sunday and he really liked the visit a lot. Honestly, I wouldn't be at all surprised if he ends up there.
"He has three days to decide and then is announcing on Fox Sports on Signing Day. I don't think he has made up his mind yet between SC, ASU and Oregon State and I could actually see him at any of the three schools but I know he really had a good time at SC this past weekend and they are a real option for him right now."