Things clearing up for Booker

With every passing interview, it seems like the picture for where Lorenzo Booker, the nation’s No. 1 rated running back by, keeps getting clearer and clearer.
After what can only be classified as an outstanding official visit to Florida State in early October, Lorenzo Booker recently attended the 27-0 mauling that USC put on UCLA.
Those two moments – the visit to FSU and the dominating performance by USC in the battle for Los Angeles – seem to have fixated Booker on the two schools.
“I really liked my Florida State visit,” Booker, whose Ventura (Calif.) St. Bonaventure team looks to continue its playoff run on Friday night and Valley Christian, said. “I mean if you’re going to play football somewhere, then that’s the place to do it. Football-wise, Florida State is second to none.”
“I know they’re losing some games this year, but if you’re going to get them, now is the year to do it, because they’re real young.”
Despite the lavish praise Booker pours on the Seminoles, USC obviously impressed him as well.
“I thought USC played an excellent game,” Booker said.
Perhaps more importantly, Booker also sees better days ahead for the Trojans.
“When you’re put in a system that’s uncomfortable to you at the first of the season, like the USC players were, then you know it’s going to take some time for them to be in a comfort zone playing.”
“I think they were uncomfortable at the beginning of the year and got comfortable with the system at the end of it – that’s one of the reasons why I think they finished so strong.”
While Booker stops short of saying the Trojans are his favorite team, it’s obvious that they have definitely made some significant progress in little more than a month’s time.
Booker is not expected to make his official visit to USC until Jan. 18. Before that, Washington is set for Dec. 14 and Texas for Jan. 11. Notre Dame and Oregon are possible destinations for a fifth official visit.
But Booker is pretty blunt when it comes to what he is thinking these days.
He’s virtually eliminated schools like Michigan, Clemson and Tennessee for a simple reason.
“If I go that far away, I’ll probably go to Florida State. If I go far away, that’s probably it.”
USC offensive coordinator Norm Chow was scheduled to make an in-home visit on Sunday, but Booker had to cancel because his mom was in England for an uncle that passed away. Washington was scheduled for an in-home on Monday night.
Booker, who is 5-foot-11, 178 pounds, has rushed for more than 2,400 yards this season and 38 touchdowns. He’s averaging more than 12 yards per carry.