Thigpen reacts to Fulmer news

Four-star athlete Damien Thigpen received the news earlier today that Tennessee head coach Phillip Fulmer would not be back next season. caught up with the 5-foot-8, 170-pounder for his reaction to the departure.
"Well, when I first heard of it, it wasn't the best news," he said. "I thank Coach Fulmer for giving me a scholarship and treating me so well. The program is going to move forward and move better. I'm still committed to Tennessee."
Thigpen reiterated what made him select the Volunteers in the first place.
"When I visited there I loved the campus and football tradition," he said. "Even though they haven't been doing so good they are going to get better with a great recruiting class. I also like the academics and track program. They have everything that will fit me and the type of person I am."
Thigpen intends to take an official to Tennessee later this month on November 28th.
In the meantime, the No. 12 prospect in Virginia has played well through an injury-marred season.
"I missed the first five games due to a torn ligament," he said. "We ended up losing all five and are now 2-7 on the year.
"I've played well since coming back. I have 530-yards rushing and 10 touchdowns in four games. My vision is a lot better."
Thigpen will wrap up his season Friday against Culpeper.