Theriot is rising fast

In Texas, sleepers and stars emerge regularly. The latest is Louisiana transfer Kellen Theriot an athlete who has tons of potential.
Theriot, who stands at 6-foot-2, 225 pounds, figures to be an outside linebacker prospect. However, he could even be a quarterback at the next level or a safety as well. Episcopal coach Steve Leisz says that Theriot receiving two early scholarship offers from LSU and UCLA isn't surprising.
"Well, he tore his ACL in his junior year when he was in Louisiana like just after the first game," Leisz said. "His dad brought him to Houston and he was in home school. His dad owns a gym here in town, so Kellen has grown up around weights. We gave him the opportunity here to repeat his junior year and he kind of slipped under the radar.

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"This should be his senior year, but he's had a chance to come in as a senior this next year. LSU has known about him for a while because he's from Louisiana, so they saw him growing up."
Leisz didn't hesitate when asked to describe the talented Theriot.
"He's explosive," Leisz said. "To me, it's hard not to see him on the offensive side of the ball. I think he's an outside linebacker, but he also plays quarterback for us. He's just so strong. He squats around 505, benches 365, and runs the 40 in around 4.5-seconds. He also jumps 36 inches."
One school is recruiting Theriot him at quarterback, but his coach wants to keep their name off the radar right now. The two early offers though are definitely of high interest to Theriot.
"UCLA came last spring, coming into his junior year, and saw tapes and liked him as a fullback," his coach said. "He told them he wanted to play quarterback. Now he wants to play and wants to play both ways. LSU, he went down there for a junior day and then he went to practice this last week. That's when he was offered."
Alabama, Vanderbilt, and Arkansas are also showing heavy interest. Theriot had more than 1,400 yards passing and 700 yards rushing as a junior.