The Wildcat is out of the bag

Pittsburgh (Pa.) Seton-LaSalle three-star quarterback Bill Stull wanted to wait until Tuesday to spread the good news, but when word that his college choice leaked prematurely he had to go ahead and spill the beans.
"I'm committed to Kentucky," Stull, who is 6-foot-2 and 181 pounds, said. "They've been with me since day one. They were the first team to send me a letter as a sophomore. My family always said the first impression is the best one. I guess they were right."
Stull picked Kentucky over Maryland. He visited both school the previous two weekends, but in the end he just felt right with the Wildcats.

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"I'm excited about the opportunity there," Stull said. "I think it's going to be a great fit."
Word of Stull's commitment still hasn't gotten back to Wildcat head coach Rich Brooks.
"I've been trying to get him back tonight, but I've missed him," Stull said. "I talked to him briefly when I was getting off the plane from Maryland. I told him that I was sick of the recruiting process and didn't want to drag it out any longer. I told him to give me one more day.
"It turns out I went to school and talked it over with my coaches. They said they were behind me 110 percent, and it was time for me to go ahead and pick Kentucky."