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The upcoming week will be big for Josh Remetich

The recruiting for Josh Remetich is likely to go down to the wire. The offensive lineman from Louisiana has been committed to Tulane but last weekend took an official visit to Kansas.

The Kansas staff has been recruiting him for a long time and part of that is due to assistant Tony Hull who has connections into the high school.

“I hung out with a lot of coaches,” Remetich said. “I hung out with Coach Hull and Coach Hecklinski. I also spent time around Coach Meadows and Coach Miles. There was a bunch of people that I spent a lot of time with. I love the coaches and everyone up there. Just, they're just like a big family.”

Remetich said his family enjoyed their visit to Kansas
Remetich said his family enjoyed their visit to Kansas

Speaking of family, Remetich had his mother, father, and younger brother with him on the visit. They all liked the visit just as much as he did. His younger brother got in the photo session with him and had a good time.

“They absolutely loved it,” Remetich said. “My dad, he told me when we got off the plane that he fell in love with it. My brother, he really had a great time. He really had fun messing around with the coaches. He talked to them a lot and was joking around with them. My mom was talking to some of the other recruits. My mom was talking everyone. So, it was all good.”

On Saturday the recruits took in the Kansas basketball game against Colorado. That was an experience Remetich said he’s never been a part of.

“We really toured the whole campus and went to the basketball game,” he said. “The basketball game was crazy. I've never seen a basketball game like that.”

Everything points to a two-team battle with Kansas and Tulane. Remetich had early offers from schools like Kentucky, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Louisville, Kansas State, and many others. He committed to the home city school but continued to listen to coaches from Kansas.

“I talked to Tulane and I told them I was going to go up to Kansas,” he said. “They told me they wanted me to come to a visit and see them. They told me that they want me to compare apples to apples. So, that’s really going to play a big part. The next week is going to be huge.”