The rush for McGee continues

Any schools that have yet to offer Lauderhill (Fla.) Plantation athlete Brandon McGee had better make a move quickly because they're already late to the show. McGee is getting several offers a week at this point in the process and on Wednesday two very big ones came in.
One school, McGee had been hoping to hear from, the other school came as more of a surprise but both schools gave the 6-foot athlete a lot to be happy about.
The first offer of the day came early in the day when he found out that the University of Southern California was ready to extend an offer his way.
"I called Coach Brennan Carroll this morning," McGee explained. "He put me on the phone with Coach McNair and he told me that they wanted to offer me a scholarship. Then I got a chance to speak to Coach Pete Carroll."
Though McGee had never imagined himself a Trojan before, the offer definitely caught his eye.
"Just following them, they've always been an elite program," he said. "They've produced players like Reggie Bush, Matt Leinart, and Steve Smith. They're a great program from what I've heard and I hear the West Coast is pretty crazy. I've got family out there anyway. I have family in Sacramento."
If the Trojan scholarship offer started his day off right, an Ohio State offer put some nice finishing touches on his Wednesday. The Buckeyes have been a favorite of McGee early in the process and he received a pleasant surprise after making a phone call this evening.
"I had a track meet tonight. I ran a 10.49 in the 100 and it was a wet track too. I called Coach Haynes after my meet to tell him what I ran and he told me that they wanted to offer me. He said they were putting an offer in the mail."
Though Ohio State is in Big Ten country, a South Florida connection is what attracts him to the program.
"I knew a couple of players that went to OSU," he said. "Chris Gamble and Nate Salley went there. I met Nate Salley and I asked him about it and he told me Ohio State was great.
"It was definitely an exciting day. When I received the USC offer, I walked out of class with a smile on my face and the Ohio State offer just ended the day off perfect."
The high school quarterback also managed to squeeze in an offer from Duke during the day.
With as many offers as have been coming in, McGee is starting to piece together a timeline for his decision-making process.
"There's definitely no time table for my recruitment but I talked to my coach and my parents a lot," he said. "All of my offers should have come in by the summer and I'll narrow it down to 10. By the season, I'll narrow it down to five."
Though McGee had anticipated going to several camps and workouts this summer, his plans are beginning to change. With his seven days per week schedule, he now hopes to spend most of his limited free time visiting campuses as opposed to going to workouts.