The pressure is off Rivals100 QB


Monroe (La.) Neville quarterback Robert Lane put it rather matter of factly. When asked for confirmation that he made a commitment, Lane definitely didn't shy away from the answer.
"You bet I did," Lane, who is 6-foot-3 and 210 pounds, said. "I'm an LSU Tiger. I'm committed."
Lane said he picked the Tigers over Florida and Auburn and about 30 other schools - mainly because it's always been LSU.
"When you look at the total package, LSU has it all," he said. "It has great football, academics and baseball."
Baseball is definitely one thing that helped sell Lane on the Tigers.
Lane is one of the nation's top two-sport stars and could be drafted high on the MLB amateur draft, but he is also very interested in the chance to play football and baseball in college and LSU offered him the best of both worlds.
"You just get this feeling when you step on campus," Lane said. "It's a feeling like you already know you're at home."
Lane is a four star selection and a member of the Rivals100 team. He threw for 2,508 yards and 28 touchdowns while only throwing seven interceptions as a junior.
When asked now that the commitment is made if there has been a load lifted off his back, Lane sounded relieved.
“There has been a lot of pressure put on me,” he said. “But I think some of that pressure has lifted. It’s a great situation for me.”
Lane's mother, Paula Lane, agrees.
"Can you believe it," she asked.
"He came in last night and said I'm going to call coach Saban and commit. He seemed so relaxed when he was done. In fact, he slept in for the first time in a while. He's so relieved and we're so excited."