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The Next Chapter: Asa Martin tells story behind Auburn commitment

Chad Simmons

Rivals 250 running back Asa Martin of Decatur (Ala.) Austin has been focused on Alabama, Auburn, Clemson and Florida for the last few months. On Thursday August 24, the day before his senior season opener, Martin made his decision.

He shares his story on how he came to the conclusion that Auburn is the right school for him.

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My football career started when I was four years old in tradition rich Courtland (Ala.). Courtland is a small town in Lawrence County and it is known for producing many talented football and basketball players, and it's football field named, "The Dusk Bowl".

For as along as I can remember I have dreamed of playing in the NFL and to be just like the big boys and play for coach McDonald being a R.A Hubbard Chief. Unfortunately those plans of being a chief didn't live out.

I moved to Decatur (Ala.) when I was 13 years old because my house burned down in the middle of the night. My move to Decatur went smooth since my best friend Fabian had moved to Decatur as well. Football was going great I was starting to make a name for myself throughout the city.

August 14, 2013 is a day that changed my life forever. I woke up to my mom crying and running down stairs — I didn't know why or what happened. I laid back down and watched SportCenter, but little did I know the woman I loved more or just a much as my mom had passed away.

My grandmother Velvet Harris who I called "Ma" was leaving me. It hit me so hard that I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do. I tried my best holding everything in, but deep inside I was hurting and nobody knew it but me.

I came to a cross roads with football and I didn't really want to play anymore. My 8th grade football team had a scrimmage the same day she died and I know she wouldn't want me to give up on my life long dream, so from that day forward, I decided to play for my grandmother and our family — something much bigger than me.

Football started going as good as it ever had. I played on the varsity team as a freshman and had a pretty good year. My sophomore year is when I truly started to leave my mark. That season I rushed for 1,500 years and 13 touchdowns. I received my first offer from Ole Miss and that year as well.

Following my sophomore year I decided to transfer to IMG Academy in Bradenton (Fla.). It turned out to be the best decision within football I've made so far. I focused as closely to football as ever and improved my game tremendously. After my 11th grade season I decided to return home and play my senior season which starts tomorrow.

My life journey so far has been pretty good. I've come across many obstacles and made bad decisions but nobody lives a perfect life. It feels like just yesterday I was a kid living in Courtland, playing football in my grandma's front yard or running down the sidewalk trying to beat the street light home.

I am now 17 years old and deciding which school I want to attend. I've earned 26 offers from schools all over the country. I have met and developed great relationships with college coaches and different people throughout my recruitment process, but I can only attend one school. The school I'm deciding to attend is a school that I'm very comfortable with.

It has great academics, three Heisman Trophy winners and it's known by some as one of college football's RBU. I WILL BE ATTENDING AUBURN UNIVERSITY. WAR DAMN EAGLE!