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The latest with 5-star Micah Parsons

Five-star Micah Parsons doesn’t do many interviews but took some time after his homecoming game on Saturday to update his recruitment. He led Harrisburg, Pa. to a dominant win over State College (Pa.) State College Area with five total touchdowns, a safety, one sack, and multiple tackles for a loss. Parsons breaks down where he stands with Penn State, Ohio State, Oklahoma, and others in the video linked above.

Penn State (1:38)- Parsons is talking to coach James Franklin and coach Brent Pry a lot and their relationship continues to get better again. With the homecoming dance tonight, Parsons will get updates on the Penn State VS Michigan game on his phone. He thinks “Saquon will do Saquon things” during the game.

Oklahoma (2:27)- The Sooners will host Parsons for an official visit next weekend. He is excited to see the campus, the people, the fans, the academics, and the coaching staff. Coach Calvin Thibodeaux has been telling Parsons he could make a major impact and play early there.

Ohio State (3:03)- In the video Parsons talks about fixing things with the coaching staff, the team, and the fans. He isn’t sure when he will visit next.

Georgia, Alabama, USC, and Miami are all pushing for him also. They want him to take an official visit to their school.

Parsons plans on signing on December 20th will be when he signs.

Earlier this month Parsons took an official visit to Nebraska for the Wisconsin game. He was hurried off camera before he went in-depth on his visit but came back to break down his time in Lincoln.

“My parents both had a good time on the Nebraska visit,” Parsons said. “Nebraska has been telling me they need guys like me to come in and play. That’s why they got guys like Bookie (Brendan Radley-Hiles), Chase (Williams), and Joshua Moore. They just need a bunch more guys to come in and get better.

“It was good to see how they would use me,” he said. “They would use me in the ‘CAT’ position and move me around a bunch. That would be a good thing for me.

“I would definitely say it’s like a family up there,” said Parsons. “Everybody knows everybody and they treat each other so nicely. They love each other.

“The fact that he (linebackers coach Trent Bray) came all the way out here to watch me play three quarters of a game means a lot,” he said. “It means he actually cares about me and my well-being.

“The coaching staff situation is one of the things I’m iffy about,” Parsons said. “They just got a new AD so we’ll know in a few weeks.”


It’s clearer now than ever before that Parsons is Penn State’s to lose. Parsons and Ohio State don’t seem to be on the way to repairing their relationship and it’s unlikely that he ends up signing with Nebraska. Oklahoma will have to hit it out of the park on Parsons’ official visit to really give themselves a chance. Georgia and USC have a chance to get Parsons out for an official visit but a lot of it depends on when his season finishes. Harrisburg is undefeated heading into their eighth game of the season.