The latest on Cyrus

Hyattsville (Md.) DeMatha offensive tackle Cyrus Kouandjio has been the talk of the recruiting world after selecting Auburn on national television Wednesday but getting cold feet and not sending in his signed Letter of Intent. Now the 6-foot-7, 322-pounder has to choose between Auburn and Alabama and many hope the decision will come quickly. So what's the latest?
"I haven't talked to Cyrus yet today," said DeMatha head coach Bill McGregor. "I called him a couple of times last night but he didn't get back to me so I figured I'd just let him breathe for a little bit. But today I will talk to him because I'd like to move forward.
"I don't really know how this happened, if Cyrus wasn't ready to make his choice I would have liked him to have delayed the decision. He can't go wrong with either school, it's just picking which fruit you like better, apples or oranges, and just pick one."

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McGregor spoke to Auburn head coach Gene Chizik twice yesterday as well as Auburn assistant coach Tommy Thigpen. This morning he spoke to Auburn assistant Ted Roof. McGregor also spoke to Alabama assistant coach Sal Sunseri, but he is keeping Auburn more in the loop and wants Cyrus to talk to Auburn.
"Because he picked Auburn he needs to talk to them," McGregor said. "He needs to explain to them what he's thinking, what's going on and if he changes his mind he needs to tell them. Alabama is being kept in the loop, but Auburn is the school he chose and they are the ones who deserve to hear from Cyrus."
McGregor is hoping to get his talented offensive tackle on the phone today with Auburn coaches.
"I'm hoping to get him talking to them at noon today and maybe we can figure a few things out," he said. "I'd rather he make his choice and be happy with it because he can't go wrong either way. But if he's not ready, he at least needs to keep them in the loop."
Sources said that most of the Auburn offensive staff spoke at length with Kouandjio last night but a letter clearly has still not arrived. The hope from most is that this will be resolved within the next few days.
There had been some talk that it will come down to a family decision while others say that Cyrus is decided between a pro-style offense at Alabama and a spread offense at Auburn. Regardless, McGregor is trying to move things along.
"I just want what's best for Cyrus and I think he has a can't miss decision," he said. "Maybe today we'll get further."