Rivals.com - The end is in sight for Emmanuel Henderson
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The end is in sight for Emmanuel Henderson

"I can't wait," Emmanuel Henderson said. "I am ready. My mind is made up. It will be short and quick on March 13 when I announce my commitment. I cannot wait."

The top 100 player out of Hartford (Ala.) Geneva County has over 30 offers. He released a top 10 late in 2020, and has stayed with that, but he admitted the schools it came down to were Alabama, Auburn, Clemson and Georgia.

"Those schools really recruited me hard. I have relationships with coaches from each school. I have learned a lot about the different programs, and I have made my decision."

Henderson has been focused on basketball the last few months, and he wanted to put all his effort there before making this announcement.

Throughout the season, he talked with those close to him, and that is when his mind was made up. A big part of it was based on how he was raised at home.

"I have been thinking hard about this decision for a month now. I have been talking to my family about it, and it has come down to trust and loyalty for me.

"I have relationships with a lot of coaches, and there are some great schools on my list, but what is most important to me is that trust and loyalty.

"I was raised like that, so me feeling coaches are trustworthy has played a big role in this decision for me."

Like all 2022 recruits, COVID-19 had an effect on his recruitment. Luckily Henderson was able to visit some schools early, he has seen all he needed to see, it didn't slow him down.

"It has been a little difficult, and I would have loved to visit schools in the fall, but I watched teams play on TV, I have done a lot of zoom calls and I visited a lot of schools before things shutdown, so I am ready," said Henderson.

"I did what I needed to. I thought it about it long enough. My mind is made up and I am ready for March 13."

Henderson did not want to speak on specific schools, and offer any hints to the school he has decided on, but he has been in contact with the Crimson Tide,Tigers (both) and Bulldogs "a lot" the last few weeks.