The Cohen war continues

Palm Bay strongside defensive end Joe Cohen is ranked as the No. 1 player at his position. And with his position being a marquee spot, you know teams are going to battle tooth and nail to land him. But it becomes even more intense when you involve Florida, Florida State and many other national powers.
And after already visiting LSU and Florida State, he knew that he was going to have to be impressed this weekend at Florida to leave a lasting impression.
That’s what the Gators did.
“Man, that visit was off the hook,” Cohen said. “The team was so close and tight with each other. It felt like we did on our team this year. They have guys that are all different but they work together as one. I think it’s going to give me a lot to think about.”
So did the visit compare to LSU and FSU?
“It more than compared,” he said. “It might be my best visit, yet.”
Cohen, a five-star selection, said he’s going to Miami next, followed by a visit to Tennessee on January 31.
When it comes to making a decision, Cohen said a lot of different things are going to factor in – and it’s one that Florida State offers him that might make his interest in the Noles peak up a little more.
“They want me at running back,” Cohen said. “I know they like to use a big power back, and that’s something I’d like to try. That’s something FSU has over the others.”
So with a great visit to Florida under his belt and thoughts of playing running back at FSU in his head, Cohen said he’s going to have an open mind the next few weeks leading up to signing day.
“You never know,” he said.