The Breakdown: Backs, Receivers

In "The Breakdown," veteran talent scout Randy Rodgers is analyzing film of a select group of the nation's top prospects for Rodgers has more than 35 years of experience in the college recruiting arena. He was the recruiting coordinator at the University of Illinois (1988-91) and the University of Texas (1992-97) and is one of the leading authorities on high school football talent analysis in the country. In this edition, Rodgers takes a look at backs and receivers.
Randy Rodgers' RB Comparison:
I still like Moody the best. He is a better natural runner, better in traffic, has better vision, and can run
the cutback, which is the key to big plays. Goodson is by far the more superior receiver. He could easily
play that position and might wind up as a good third-down back early if he can learn to pass protect. I think
Scott is the toughest, most durable, but not sure if he shows the speed to be "The Guy" in an SEC backfield.
Randy Rodgers' Receiver Comparison:
Really no comparison. Tennell is a WR and Gresham will be a TE. Gresham's body will grow into true TE, but both have superior receiving skills. Except for blocking skills, which are impossible to evaluate on these tapes, I can't imagine a better TE prospect in the country than Gresham. It would be an amazing coup for the Sooners to land both of these guys.
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