The best kept secret in Texas

Spring (Texas) Westfield offensive guard Jeray Chatham is the best offensive linemen in the state of Texas that nobody is talking about.
Well, he’s the best lineman that recruiting fans aren’t talking about because the college coaches all know about him and he has scholarships from at least eight teams.
“I’ve gotten offers from LSU, Arkansas, Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado, Oklahoma State, Missouri, North Carolina and Michigan told me that it was going to offer me if I came up there for an unofficial visit or their camp,” Chatham, who is 6-foot-3 and 265 pounds, said. “I have other offers that I can’t remember (previously listed Iowa, Iowa State and Kansas). I know that I missed the Michigan camp, but I did go over the Miami camp last weekend.”

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How did he do?
“They said I was one of the best guys there and that I was probably the second best lineman that worked out,” Chatham, a second-team all-district pick in District 15, said. “It went great. I didn’t get a scholarship, but they said they liked me a lot and that they’re going to be watching me.”
But Chatham isn’t worried if Miami doesn’t offer because he’s got plenty of schools to look at.
“I’m undecided,” he said. “Right now, I’m looking at all of them. I would like a place that would allow me to get into the Special Forces.”
Chatham is already scary enough on the football field, but just imagine him decked out in camouflage, sneaking around through the bushes – all -6-3 and 265 pounds of him.
“I want to be a sniper,” he said. “I know that I’d be a big target, but can you just imagine having a big guy like me sneaking up on you. It’s just always that I’ve wanted to do since I was young. I’ve been deer hunting and I love to shoot a gun. I hunt up in Huntsville and Centerville.
“I’ve not got any bucks yet, but I’ve killed a couple of hawgs.”
Speaking of Hawgs, Arkansas has had quite a bit of success at Westfield in the past, including signing blue-chip offensive tackle Tony Ugoh. Could Chatham follow him to the Arkansas?
“He’s a close friend,” Chatham said. “I wouldn’t mind going up there and playing with him. He and I have talked about it, but he’s not putting any pressure on me. He knows that I have to do what’s best for me.”