The Best in the West fullbacks

The fullback position is a key position that sometimes is somewhat unheralded in the modern game of football. In today’s offenses the fullback has to block like a battering ram, sneak out of the backfield and catch the football as well get an occasional carry for the tough yard.
While many fullbacks toil in anonymity for many fans, they are much appreciated by their teammates. Here is Rivals look at the best fullbacks in the west. Just a reminder this list is in alphabetical order.
The first fullback that we are going to discuss comes from a place more known for its beauty than football players. Home for this future Colorado Buffalo is Kauai, Hawaii. The Buffs were able to see this sleeper prospect up close over that last two years as Jordan Dizon (6-1, 210, 4.5) from Kauai (Hawaii) Waimea attended the Buffalo football the last two summers.
The Buffs liked what they saw and offered on the spot and Dizon accepted Colorado landed one of the best unknown prospects in the west.
Most players that get scholarship offers come from Oahu, not Kauai. The Buffaloes have had great success over the years in Hawaii and once again land one of the best players the Islands have to offer after striking out on their couple of attempts recruiting Hawaiian players.
Dizon rushed for 1,157 yards and 13 touchdowns as a junior and was selected all-state and was his league’s (KIF) MVP.
Another fullback to keep your eyes on is Seth Setterberg (6-0, 230, 4.6) from Shoreline (Wash.) Shorewood. Setterberg is another western sleeper but he has the dimensions and speed that the D-I schools are looking for.
Setterberg is an outstanding athlete who garnered all-state honors for his work on both sides of the ball as a fullback and defensive end.
Setterberg runs with power and has a low center of gravity. He powered his way for 776 yards as a junior.
Setterberg also has a tremendous work ethic and has a very good bench of 320 pounds; he squats an impressive 515 pounds and has recorded a very explosive vertical jump of 36 inches.
Setterberg has heard from Washington, Washington State, Oregon, Oregon State, San Diego State and more.
There is no question that William Taufoou (6-0, 240, 4.7) Mountain View (Calif.) Saint Francis is one of the Golden State’s best fullbacks. Taufoou has drawn comparisons to former Purdue and current Tampa Bay star Mike Alstott.
Taufoou has a take no prisoner’s rough and tumble running style. His physical running style saw him rack up over 1,200 yards and 14 touchdowns his junior season.
The scouting report on Taufoou is he is a very determined runner with power and balance. He benches 320 pounds and he squats 420 pounds.
Taufoou has heard from over 25 schools with a top eight of Notre Dame, USC, Washington, Oregon, Arizona State, California, Colorado and Oklahoma.
Lyle Wise (6-0, 265, 4.78) Claremont, Calif., is another sleeper fullback to keep your eye on.
Wise has good speed for a guy his size. He may not break a long on sheer speed but he may break the long on sheer brutality, meaning running over an entire defense. This guy doesn’t back down from contact. As a matter of fact, Wise searches contact out on a play.
Wise is the prototypical modern fullback prospect. As a blocker Wise buries opponents. The way he pancakes opponents you would think he was a lineman. His running style is reminiscent, like that of fellow top fullback prospect William Taufoou, of Tampa Bay Buccaneer standout Mike Alstott.
While Wise is somewhat of an unknown prospect at this time thinks his destiny is a D-I scholarship.
Colorado State, UConn, Oregon, Oregon State, Washington State, UNLV and Utah have shown this behemoth like fullback prospect.