Text Alerts Terms and Conditions

Which carriers are Text alerts available on?
Text alerts are available on AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, U.S. Cellular, Verizon, ACG (Cellcom, nTelos,C Spire), Interop, Boost, and Virgin. If you would like us to add a carrier, please click here and let us know which carrier you want us to apply for. We will contact you via email when we receive certification from that carrier. Note: Alltel has merged with Verizon, but we have not been given any details about the merger from Verizon and the availability of text alerts for former Alltel users. Please contact Verizon.
Available only to subscribers?You must be an annual subscriber (billed annually) to to receive Text Alerts. If you would like to receive Text Alerts, you must first subscribe to the network and choose the annual option. After that, Text Alerts are an additional free option.
What should I do if I typed in my cell number but I never received a text confirmation from
After a few minutes, please try text messaging the letter Y to 600600. Once our system receives your message we will activate text alerts for your team. It is not uncommon that with all of the systems involved in sending and receiving the data needed to process your order that one of the systems may be having issues at one point during a given day.
Can I receive Text Alerts on additional teams?
You may receive Text Alerts on one team only. You may change that team at any time by visiting our Preferences Page, choosing your team and clicking the "UPDATE" button.
How do I change my Text Alerts preferences?
Please CLICK HERE, and after making your changes, click on Update.
How do I stop Text Alerts for a period of time?
Please CLICK HERE, and turn Text Alerts "off." When you want to begin receiving Text Alerts again, go to the same page and turn Text Alerts "on."
How many Text Alerts are you planning on sending each month?
We expect to send up to 100 text messages per month per team depending on the amount of news that is breaking regarding the team. As you would suspect, there will be more in the months where the college football, basketball and recruiting seasons are going on than in the off-season.
Can I limit how many Text Alerts I receive each month?
Yes, please CLICK HERE. Once you have entered how many Text Alerts you want to receive in a month, then click on the Update button.
How do I cancel Text Alerts altogether?
Please call customer support at 866-2-RIVALS between 8am-5pm CT, Monday-Friday.
How much do Text Alerts cost?
Text Alerts are available at no extra charge for annual subscribers. However, standard carrier messaging rates apply.
What does "standard messaging rates apply" mean?
While currently does not charge for providing you with Text Alerts, your carrier may charge you per Text Alert you receive or based on whatever data plan you have with your carrier. If you have questions about how much you are being charged to receive text messages, check your monthly carrier bill and/or contact your carrier directly.
Why is my team not available for Text Alerts?
Your team may become available in the near future. We are currently testing Text Alerts to see how many people use and enjoy the service. If you have suggestions on a team you would like us to add, please email
What type of messaging protocol do you use?
Customer Support / Member Services Member Services can answer your questions about Text Alerts Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm PST. You may reach them by phone 866-2-RIVALS or through the Help Form. If emailing, please remember that, although we attempt to respond quickly, it may take up to 48 hours (excluding weekends) to respond to your request.

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