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Texas WR watches stock rise

There are several players in the 2007 class from Leander (Texas) High School that should attract a lot of Division I attention. Wide receiver Curenski Gilleylen is already part of that list and the mail is really starting to stack up from countless programs.
Gilleylen has been putting together big numbers on the football field and big numbers in the classroom as well with a 3.87 GPA. His big junior year statistics and highlights have attracted several programs. Mail is coming and Gilleylen is even making the rounds to several junior days.
"Basically everybody around has sent me something," Gilleylen said. "The ones I remember off the top of my head are Boston College, Nebraska, Texas, LSU who has just come on lately, and also Purdue."
One piece of mail has even come in from the Miami Hurricanes. No matter how much more comes, Gilleylen says they are the early leader.
"That's a school I'd like to go to even though they've only sent me one thing," Gilleylen said. "My dad said that if I really wanted to see Miami, we should get out there and see the campus. I'm also going to try to see Boston College. So far, I've only been to Texas and Texas A&M for their junior days because they're so close."
His work ethic that stretches from the practice field to study habits comes from his parents.
"That's the big reason because my school work is what they really care about," Gilleylen said. "They pat me on the back for athletics, but they want to make sure I get a college education first. That comes way before football."
Gilleylen started his varsity career as a backup quarterback during his sophomore season. He showed great athleticism as a junior playing receiver, but may see some time at quarterback again as a senior.
"That's the plan, but I think at the next level I can be a good receiver," Gilleylen said. "I'm just actually starting to learn the position. If I can keep doing that, I can keep growing at this spot and really do well in college."