Texas WR returns from Austin

Longview, Texas wide receiver Malcolm Kelly just returned from Austin and the Texas spring game.
“I just got back from the Texas spring game on Saturday,” the 6-foot-4, 200-pound Kelly said. “It was pretty good. I enjoyed myself and even got a little special treatment while I was there.
“Everyone else went into a big meeting room and I went to the receiver’s coaches office to talk to him. Then I joined back up with everyone else for the game. After the game, all of the recruits who were there went to one sideline, but one of the assistant coaches took me over to the other sideline near the team. They eventually told me I had to go back with the other recruits.”
Kelly doesn’t have a favorite school at this point, but four schools have separated from the pack a little bit.
“I couldn’t say I have a favorite,” he said. “I haven’t just set down and thought about it. Texas, LSU, Oklahoma and Tennessee are at the top, though. I don’t want to leave too far away form home, so maybe the three except Tennessee might be a little better fit for what I want.”
The offense run by all the schools high on Kelly’s list is a common theme between the programs.
“Texas is close to home and they pass the ball a lot,” he said. “Last year is the exception kind of. They have a good balance and it is a good offense for receivers. Oklahoma does pass the ball a lot and they are known for winning. LSU does a lot of three and four wide receiver sets. They won a national title, so they are a winner.”
Kelly plans on waiting until late in the process to make his decision known.
“I’m going to wait to make a decision until signing day unless someone can just really stick out and make me know that is the place for me. I know I can keep a decision quiet until I’m ready to say it. So, if I do pick one, I will keep it until I’m ready.”