Texas WR has team attitude

Put him anywhere and Tatum, Texas standout Darnius Moore is going to make a play.
The 6-foot, 175-pounder shares time at cornerback and wide receiver for the defending Texas 3A state championship team. If you ask Moore, what'd he prefer to play is wide receiver but will do anything he can to make a difference for his teammates.
"I like receiver a little better, but I don't know why necessarily," Moore said. "I guess I just like the ball in my hands. I'm a team player though and I can play anywhere that will help the team."

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Last year, starting as a junior, Moore said he got a first-hand glance as to what it was like to play against great competition. That paved the way for recruiting interest to head his way.
"A lot of mail is coming right now," Moore said. "Texas, LSU, Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Kansas State, Alabama, and Florida are the ones I can remember that have sent me stuff. I didn't really watch one particular school growing up, so I can't say I have any favorites."
"I'm a football fan – I watched everybody."
This weekend, along with his teammate Lennon Creer, Moore will make his way from the East Texas town to Austin for the Texas junior day. The pair will be traveling together but haven't talked seriously about playing in college for the same program
"Yes sir, I'm headed there this weekend and that's really the only junior day I've got planned right now," Moore said. "Lennon and I thought we should get to this one first, so that's the plan right now. It's nice that we can go together but we haven't thought about playing together just yet. That would be nice though."
Overall, recruiting has started quickly for Moore. It's been so quick, that the talented young man says it can get hectic in a hurry.
"It's exciting, but confusing," Moore said about the process. "If you don't know where you want to go yet, it's tougher than you think."
As for his senior year goals, Moore says that another state title is top priority along with making the all-state team as a receiver and/or kick returner.