Texas WR gets Big 12 offer

Cedar Hill, Texas wide receiver William Cole is not being picky.
He understands that in making his way to the Division I level, several things can happen with position changes and his general recruitment in which he isn't quite sure of yet. After watching his teammate Jerell Norton sign with Arkansas over several scholarship offers this past year, Cole says he has a friend to help if he needs it.
"After this last season, Jerell and I got really close," Cole said. "When you have the type of player that he is on the field, you're going to win games. Now, he's not around so we're hopefully trying to make the playoffs this year and I've thought about giving him a call when this recruiting stuff gets busy."
Things got busy quickly. Cole says two or three days ago his first written offer was in his mailbox.
"Yeah, I got one in the mail from Kansas," Cole said. "They've been sending me letters and saying that they're recruiting me. That was the first time I had seen a scholarship with my name on it, so it's a very exciting moment."
"I know now that I have the chance to go somewhere."
Cole, who is a wide receiver for his high school team, could also play several different positions at the next level including cornerback or running back.
With more interest coming from other programs like Florida, Florida State, Oklahoma State, Colorado, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Wisconsin, and Kansas State, Cole says that he's keeping things even right now.
"Later on I'll sit down with my coach and we'll figure out which colleges really want me," Cole said. "I see how Jerell could play different positions, so I also want to know what spot that certain colleges will want me to play."
Cole was trying to attempt some junior days like Texas A&M, but his basketball schedule doesn't leave him time for much.
"I may go to Baylor and there is a camp with the Dallas Cowboys that I can hit because it's in the area," he said. "Those are the only ones I'll have time for right now."